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A Bit About My Journey
We all come from a place way back, beyond and before religions. We are all vast and powerful eternal souls! I've always felt a deep connection to the pure Source energy from where we've originated, God/Goddess or spirit (however we like to call it), and there has always been deep within me an inner longing to be merged back with God. I was brought up in a strict Christian household and I frequently felt confused with the many contradictions I witnessed within religion. I often felt deeply connected spiritually on my own as a child, but for years I struggled to fit in with how people behaved and treated each other at school, in social settings, and into higher education and work. Often the very way people interacted felt alien and unloving to me, and I felt that many of the activities of life and conventions of society seemed to go against our innate inner essence and our true soul natures.

It was not until I tried yoga and meditation around 2005 - 2006, and started to study psychology and learn the teachings of the East (and of other cultures), that things started to make sense. I realised how 'unhealed and unhappy' people felt (which included seeing all my own deep unhealed issues), and a whole new world of spiritual sensations and experiences, similar to what I had seen and felt in childhood, opened up to me. Then when I read the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramhansa Yogananda I cried tears of joy, devotion and relief. Here was someone who expressed what I had been feeling all my life and his words struck an instant chord of truth within my heart. 

Sometime around 2007 I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening experience and I also had another experience of going into a deep state of samadhi after undergoing a 'death of my identity' of sorts, after hours of the worst period pains imaginable where I thought I was dying and I mentally prepared myself to die. In this state of surrender, I let go mentally of every identity and attachment I had in this life and at the moment of doing so I slipped through into a state of pure consciousness that I recognised as my eternal essence. It was exquisite and it felt as if I were swimming in an ocean of bliss (hence the name for this website). I was not fully aware of what was happening to me at the time as I did not know of the different states of spiritual consciousness, which may be attained via a deep surrendering or letting go on all levels and it was only later on that I came to understand the spiritual process I had been through. 

Around the time these experiences happened I had become raw vegan and this change to a much purer diet had deeply affected my body's energy field, allowing these profound spiritual experiences to occur. In fact whilst eating a very high raw vegan diet, I was so sensitive to everything energetically, that each month during the full moon, I would lie in bed and my body would literally shake and rattle with the energy that I felt flowing through me - I felt like an electrical super-conductor! I also lost a lot of weight around this time as I struggled to feel fully nourished on the raw vegan diet in a cold climate. Nowadays I am still vegan, but I do not eat high raw, except when it's warmer.

Due to becoming so sensitive to energies very suddenly, I naturally became drawn towards learning energy healing and understanding what it was I was sensing, having previously been truly inspired through reading the book 'You Can Heal Yourself' by the famous London healer, Seka Nikolic. I learnt about and studied quantum touch and reiki and then embarked on a two year energy healing diploma with the International Network of Esoteric Healing (now called the International Network of Energy Healing) from 2009 - 2010, based on the teachings of Alice Bailey and the methods she describes in her book 'Esoteric Healing'.

Since 2005-6 I have also been deeply studying human emotions, feelings and psychology both through courses, such as a one-year Counselling Certificate training and psychology degree modules I've studied, as well as through my own private research and experiences. I have been on a lengthy and often tumultuous journey of healing myself mentally, emotionally and physically, which has involved accepting and integrating all of my own feelings, including my 'shadow' side. Through my own experience and the experience of helping others I know how important it is to accept and love all parts of ourselves, including the parts we would rather hide, suppress or deny, in order to become more fully our spiritual selves.

In more recent years, some people have noticed a trend within spiritual communities for people to focus predominately on the light at the expense of  truly hearing other parts of themselves, which has become known as the 'spiritual bypass'. Whilst it is natural for us to want to veer towards the higher vibrations and what feels good as this is ultimately our soul nature, the danger of this approach is that people can be left feeling ungrounded and unbalanced in their lives, as they reject or ignore what the more challenging aspects of their personalities are trying to tell them. I have had moments of getting caught up in this approach in the past. However, my feelings and my body have kept bringing me back to what they wanted me to process, accept and integrate within me - the accumulated issues and pain of the past.

Each time I have done healing work on myself, emotions, feelings and messages from my body have made themselves known to me and as soon as I have accepted and loved these parts of me, my energy has shifted and healing and integration has occurred. I have been inspired by the approaches of people such as Brandon Bays, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Teal Swan and the Buddhist Masters, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, for integrating and accepting our more challenging feelings. 

I therefore prefer the more mindful approach of welcoming the full spectrum of our feelings and experiences, and learning from them as we listen to their messages, as part of our awakening on our spiritual paths. Seeing feelings, such as anger, as a guide and teacher to us about what we need to change or accept in our lives, can be hugely enlightening and empowering. I have personally experienced going from feeling disempowered and low energetically, to feeling alive, inspired and guided with a profound knowing, through deeply listening to my inner anger.

For many years now I have also been dealing with spiritual entities, energetic attachments and cord release in my healing work on others and in my own personal energy work. When I do healing work I often see entities stuck in a person's energy fields, which are blocking their energy flow and interfering with thoughts and emotions. This is experienced and written about by other 'healers' and 'teachers' as well. For example, Doreen Virtue, in her book 'Goddesses and Angels' speaks of experiencing spirits and entities latching on to her energy field as she has been touring and helping other people, and she mentions the powerful healing session which she needed on one particular occasion to clear her aura and restore her energy.
When I work to clear the energy field of both myself and others in this way, then the individual often feels instant release and a sense of being 'themselves' again, and frequently things have shifted in a client's life after the healing, where they have previously felt blocked. (Please see my blog article 'Healing Lessons & The Power of Love' here, if you'd like to read a bit more on this topic.) I see it as this; just as we wash and cleanse our bodies, we also need to learn to develop methods of energetic and spiritual hygiene where we clean our auras/energy bodies of the remnants of thoughts, emotions and interactions we have experienced.

My other interests include a deep love for nature (inspired by the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre), healthy sustainable living, travelling and the arts. I originally studied music, specialising in flute performance, at degree level, and more recently I have been discovering the delights of improvised music-making through the Lifemusic method, as well as taking up intuitive painting and art. I have also studied kundalini yoga and professional development courses, such as 'domestic abuse' training, relating to my previous work in support and student advisory settings. All these learnings and experiences bring me great joy and I am so happy to share what I have learned so far and to have the opportunity to bring joyful, cathartic and healing experiences to others through the various aspects of my work. 

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