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 Art & Jewellery

 Below are some pictures of my intuitive art. I work mainly with acrylic on canvas, but I am also exploring other mediums, as well as photography. Please contact me if you are interested in one of these original paintings or if you would like to commission a painting or some spiritual crystal jewellery (see further down the page for examples).

My Society6 Art Print Store (with just my nature photography so far):
Free worldwide shipping on plain prints until 11th January with this link:
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'Carnival Birds' - Sold
Part of a larger painting - 'Go Within' Mandala - Available
'Dream, Believe, Release, Surrender' Manifestation Painting - Sold
'Rainbow Sunburst' Mandala - Not Available
'Stylised Lotus' - Available
'Flying Energy' - Available
'Underwater Flowers' - Available

Below are some of the crystal jewellery pieces I have made in the past.

The pieces below are examples of jewellery I have made in the past. They are charged with Divine energies including the healing freqeuncy of 528 Hz (known as the frequency of miracles, healing and DNA repair) and are created with the intent to uplift, protect and aid the wearer on their spiritual journey.
Oriental Rose
Mixed gem stones with some glass beads for extra colour and sparkle. Includes jade, moss agate and labradorite with a stunning yellow jade rose

Azure Sea
Three twisted strands of wire with sparkling glass crystals and rocaille beads, fresh water pearls, clear quartz and apatite.
Mystical Forest
Two strands of wire with sparkling glass crystals, fresh water pearls, clear quartz, amethyst, flourite and apatite with a silver and amethyst charm drop at the bottom.


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