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Spiritual Guidance

Soothing, peaceful energy and gentle spiritual guidance to help you access deeper parts of your inner self and move forward in your life.

In-Person: Tarot, Spiritual Guidance & Healing Sessions
I am now offering in-person Spiritual Guidance & Healing sessions at Aristia, Southsea and Portsmouth's shop and centre for all things spiritual (www.aristia.co.uk), on a Wednesday. 

Hour long sessions tailor-made to your requirements, which can be any combination of the following, depending on what you want:

  • Listening & Spiritual Guidance
  • Meditation Instruction
  • A Guided Visualisation to Experience Your Expanded Self
  • A Tarot 'Life Spread' Reading & answers to any specific questions via the Tarot or via me guiding you to understand what your intuition is telling you
  • Healing & Energy Work to help release energetic blockages and clear your aura, boosting physical, mental & emotional health

Within these sessions I teach you tools so that you may become empowered and at peace in your life and I can email you any follow-up information (such as notes on meditation techniques) which may be helpful to you, after the session. If you are going through a challenging time, 2 or 3 supportive sessions are recommended (sometimes 1 hour is not enough to fit everything in), but sometimes one session may be sufficient and make a big difference to how you are experiencing your life.

Sessions are £40 per hour.

Alexia has undertaken a two year diploma in Esoteric Energy Healing, has trained in Counselling as well as Meditation & a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India, and is naturally intuitive.

If you are interested in a session, please contact me to book, either via the 'Contact' page or call or text 07447 026 527 (Please note, I may not be able to answer immediately if I am in a session or class, but if you leave a message I will get back to you as soon as I can).

Distance Healing Sessions 
For those not able to see me 'in person', I offer profound remote (distance) Healing & Spiritual Guidance Sessions, which are available to anyone, anywhere, as time and distance provide no obstacles 
to the spiritual healing energy.

There are two options:
A 1 hour distance healing session followed by a feedback and guidance email that I send to you after the session - £40
A 2 hour session which starts with an hour's Skype consultation and includes a guided visualisation, followed by an hour's distance healing session - £55

How the distance healing works:
You email me and let me know options as to times and dates when you would be able to fully relax in a quiet place for an hour and we can set up a convenient time for the Skype meeting (if choosing the second option)/energies and healing work to be sent to you. Payment for the session is required in advance and can be transferred to me via paypal.
 For feedback from previous clients, please see the 'Testimonials' page.
To email me with any queries and for payment details, fill in your query and contact information 
by clicking here

Please let me know at time of booking with me your specific health and personal issues that you want addressed in the healing session. Please also include your full name, as well as your date, time & place of birth.
I am happy to hear from you with any queries first - no obligations!

I am also available to help clear and balance the energy in your home. Please email me with your query if you are interested in this service.
Flowers represent our potential; that we can bloom.
When we work on ourselves through healthy living,
spiritual practices and healing our mind, body
and spirit then we begin to open to our full potential
and become more radiant and empowered in our lives. 
One-to-One healing sessions can also be arranged where I can visit you in your home and spend an hour and a half offering healing energies and spiritual guidance which will also include an angel card/tarot reading. The specialisation given to me directly from spirit for my healing work is entity and energetic release - please see my 'About' page or my blog article on 'Healing Lessons and the Power of Love' for further information about this - it makes a huge difference to have your energy field cleared of entities and energetic attachments that most of us pick up in the process of day-to-day living.
Each session is a combination of healing work and spiritual/lifestyle guidance. Depending on each individual and their requirements, each session will be different. In my experience, when working with the healing energies, the spiritual side cannot be ignored as the body's subtle energy field (i.e. the chakras and the energy meridians or 'nadis') is literally the anatomy of each person's spirit. The healing energies can work wonders on many health conditions, especially if received on a regular ongoing basis, although one session in itself can sometimes turn things around. That said, this is not meant to be miracle work and no claims as to effectiveness are made! Often there are lessons to be learnt from physical pain and very occasionally it is not the soul's wish for a person to recover immediately or at all. However, the healing work is frequently very effective at establishing mental peace and relieving all sorts of health issues from headaches, migraines, colds, broken bones, aches and pains to low energy and low mood.
Often when healing practitioners work on the body using higher energies they are mimicking the process of energy unfoldment and development of the chakras that naturally happens during meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, such as fasting. For this reason it is important that any healer working with energies in this way be aligned to the highest, Divine Will and work in conjunction with the will of the client's soul. 
Using my two year training in Esoteric (subtle energy) healing as a foundation (gained through the International Network of Esoteric Healing or INEH), I work mainly around the body with the aura to balance the client's energy field and restore wholeness and balance. The process I use aligns the client and practitioner with their own souls and also to Pure Divine Source energy, so that the session proceeds according to Divine Will and not the will of the personality of either client or practitioner.
I take a holistic, intuitive approach to my work, so during the session I may also work with crystals and vibrations from sound using tuning forks and mantra. Occasionally I may place my hands respectfully on the body. However, generally I find it more effective to direct the energy through all the layers of the aura, which I feel allows for the energy to have a greater effect on the different aspects of the energy body, the etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as the physical vehicle itself.
When working in person, clients can usually choose to sit upright in a comfortable chair or to lie down. No clothes are removed, but it is recommended that the client wears clothes of natural fibres which are comfortable and not too tight, to enable better relaxation, circulation and flow of the energy. It may help for clients to wear light or bright 'happy' colours that help uplift them (colour is also a vibration that affects the aura). The colours each client is drawn to give clues as to which chakras/areas of the body/spirit/emotions they are currently focused in or which areas are requiring more energy.
After taking an initial consultation with a client and answering any questions they may have about the process, I will guide the client into relaxation where the healing takes place. At the end of the healing session, the client then has the chance to give and receive feedback, as they wish. I can also suggest and recommend specific healing sound tracks attuned to frequencies that relax the brain, breathing exercises, yoga stretches, mantras, potent superfoods and supplements for the spirit and energy field that can have a profound effect on relaxation and reducing stress, as well as physical healing. 
Each session is tailored to the individual.
It is a time to focus entirely on you and your needs.
I aim for you to leave feeling blissful and pampered with the body soothed and the mind relaxed so that it can find creative solutions and ways forward for any challenges or questions you have. It is my desire to help you bring your soul energy into all areas of your life and for you to open up to your joy and full creative potential as a spiritual being living a physical life.
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