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As well as having had a classical music education, I am a trained Lifemusic facilitator. This means I can offer fun and 'enlightening' musicking workshops based on the Lifemusic method. I have offered 'not-for-profit' workshops in the past, but will soon be offering more workshops as part of my business. No experience is necessary and there are no right or wrong notes! Please read the article below and maybe have a look at the video for more insight into Lifemusic. It is very expressive, but in a safe way, and did I say how much fun it is!
Following on from what I've written about how listening to sound can be healing, music and sound can also have a deeply transformative effect when you take part in creating it. If you are a musician you will no doubt have experienced how playing or singing can uplift, inspire and energise you. However, even if you have no standard musical training you can still experience this and grow from the power of co-creating music. This is possible through group music sessions using easily accessible and fun percussion instruments from all over the world, such as drumming circles and the Lifemusic method in which I'm trained, which has been created by Dr Rod Paton at the University of Chichester (UK).
These sessions usually begin with fun warm-up games where you might go around the circle just putting one note into the space each, and then two, then three etc. Then, before you know it someone has broken the rules and everyone is just playing through spontaneous improvisation. It is a lovely, safe and liberating way to play with sound and create music in a group setting. You can also bring along your own acoustic instruments and use your voice freely in these sessions. 
The video below is a brief recording of one Lifemusic session (I was not at this one) and an overview of what Lifemusic is about. It was quite a lively session and not all sessions are as lively, some have more calm and sustained sounds, others may have different sorts of rhythms and sounds emerging, but it gives a good feeling for what you might experience at a Lifemusic workshop. What transpires all depends on the group energy and perhaps other factors, such as the seasons and weather, as well as the concept or theme used to start the piece of music. Witnessing the creative process unfold is unique and magical each time!
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Lifemusic gathering with Rod Paton - community through music
Lifemusic provides access to creative music making for people from all walks of life. It is based on the principle that everyone is musical. There are no wrong notes...every sound carries a meaning an...
Rod Paton, a music lecturer at the University of Chichester, has just recently completed his book Lifemusic: Connecting People to Time which provides the theory and ideas behind his Lifemusic method as well as exercises which can be used in Lifemusic workshops. It includes a CD with recordings of sessions started using different introductory games/exercises. It is available online from stores such as Amazon.
Lifemusic is also a very good method for team building and developing group psychology. It can have effects similar to music therapy, but that is not its main aim: the emphasis of Lifemusic is more on joy and well-being rather than pathology.
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