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Please note: I have stopped offering meditation classes for the time being as I am focusing on one-to-one sessions instead. Meditation instruction can be incorporated in a one-to-one session either in-person or remotely via Skype. 
Please contact me for further details.

Meditation Classes:

'Exploring Meditation' Classes every Wednesday lunchtime at Aristia (www.aristia.co.uk)
Southsea & Portsmouth's spiritual shop
1.15pm - 2.15pm - £6.50 per person - booking essential as spaces limited 
Call or text 07447 026 527
Or contact me via the contact form here

An ongoing meditation class on a Wednesday lunchtime, which will introduce and explore different meditation technques, in particular the various pranayama and meditation practices of the mystical yogic traditions of kriya yoga and kundalini yoga, as well as mantra chanting and visualisation. Other types of meditation practice we may explore: mindfulness and body awareness, 'tonglen' and compassionate world service meditations, certain movements with pranayama or mantra, chakra development/energy work visualisations and maybe the occasional bit of yoga nidra (complete body relaxation lying down) as a treat!

No experience and no belief system necessary. This course is aimed to help you explore your inner spiritual self and find what feels best for you. The meditations are inclusive of all faiths and are aimed at raising personal and planetary consciousness.

I also offer Esoteric Healing sessions at Aristia on a Wednesday. If you'd like to experience the transformative effects of spiritual energy healing, then please get in contact to arrange a session 

A short and sweet video explaining the incredible benefits of meditation:

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The Scientific Power of Meditation
How exactly does meditation affect your body?GET THE BOOK! http://asapscience.com/bookSUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/10kWnZ7Written by: Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell MoffitFOLLOW US---...

Meditation is important for quieting the mind and re-balancing our energy. When we allow space to meditate we are in a way re-setting our energy which in turn enables us to access our inner guidance, clarity and inspiration. Many successful business people claim that meditation is fundamental to maintaining balance in their busy lives and clinical studies have shown that meditation is effective at alleviating depression, stress and anxiety. During clinical studies brain scans have revealed how meditators can quickly access alpha brain wave states of relaxation, and in advanced practitioners the desired delta brain wave state of altered consciousness is often recorded.

Traditionally the meditative goal of the yogis was to achieve the breathless state of samadhi, when union with God, or merging with spirit and all life, is experienced. This is what advanced yogic practices such as those taught in kriya yoga are aiming at, and this goal may take many years of dedicated practice and commitment. However, for most of us absorbed in busy day-to-day life and not on the path of strict renunciation, practising yoga and meditation in even small amounts, can offer us immense benefits including greater clarity, awareness, ease and inner peace amidst our daily routines. 

I have always felt a meditative connection. I remember times as a child when I would lie on my bed and go into a meditative or trance-like state. However, the challenge more recently has been how to maintain that sort of connection in a busy life. I have been practising 'formal' meditation and yoga now for nine years and although I am not always able to fully embrace a big daily yoga practice, I find making some form of spiritual connection each day is so important for inner balance. I have received training in kundalini yoga and meditation, kriya yoga and hatha/vinyasa yoga amongst others, and I draw on a wide range of traditions and teachings. Above all Paramhansa Yogananda, Vivekananda and the Tibetan Masters have been and remain my biggest inspiration. 

I am available to teach group meditations in companies and organisations who wish to boost their teams' wellbeing in this way.



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